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every tvd episode

↳2.10 The Sacrifice ♔ “You’re not listening to me. I don’t want to be saved. Not if it means that Klaus is gonna kill every single person that I love.” 


katherine pierce in every episode: 1.06 lost girls
↳ “You have no idea of the future I have planned for us, Stefan. You, me, and Damon. No rules. ”


Caroline Smiling" Requested by anon

 In 1987 you were in Chicago. At a concert, of all places, with that wench, Lexi. Come on, Stefan, don’t look so surprised. Of course I checked in on you over the years. You were standing in the front row, dancing all night. You were watching Bon Jovi, and I was watching you.

TVD meme[7/9] Relationships
∟ “You’re a genius. I love you. I love you. Even when I hate you.”


Let me guess, an extremely handsome man came up to you claiming to be me.

otp challenge: [5/7] scenes 


Stelena + b&w/cyan

carenzo in every scene → 5.16 while you were sleeping

otp meme: [2/6] moments


damon salvatore meme ► two sex
↳  dex in breaking [2/2]